About Us

The JollyBod Journey
JollyBod lotions, lip balms, body butters and salt scrubs are more than moisturizers. They’re travel companions. Sidekicks. Accessories made to go anywhere you go.

JollyBod moisturizers nourish and quickly relieve dry and damaged skin. They come in impact-resistant, recyclable containers for easy travel. They fit nicely in bags, look great everywhere, and awaken the adventurer in all of us.

Before You Journey with JollyBod, Follow Ours
Years ago, our son was born with severely dry skin. We searched in vain to find a remedy to help cure his painful condition. We applied cream after cream, and nothing did the trick. We applied doctor-recommended, petroleum-based products—still nothing. So…we took matters into our hands. We made our own.

We researched and experimented with professionals over and over again to make natural, non-petroleum moisturizers—the right moisturizers. Over the years, we handed out JollyBod samples to friends, family, people we bumped into during our travels. They all shared one thing in common: they loved the results they were getting from our moisturizers. We knew we had something special.

JollyBod, Natural Means Natural
The world is filled with amazing scents we all enjoy, and we wanted to capture these natural aromas for our moisturizers. We teamed up with professional perfumers to bring these natural fragrances and essential oils to life.

After all, why use artificial, petroleum-based and synthesized chemicals if you don’t have to? You will not find any of these hiding in our products. Because here at JollyBod, we live and thrive through one simple mission: make the world’s best moisturizers from natural ingredients.

We enjoy making our JollyBod products with our hands and hearts and sharing them with others. Now it’s your turn to enjoy and share them too. Take them. Travel. Explore. And Go Happy.

All the best,
April & Chris