Love this stuff! – Hannah

I ordered a selection of Jollybod lotions & lip balms and two of the body butters. I love the scents! All of them! But I will say that the Hawaiian Blooms & the Bergamot Ginger are my faves. The lotions are light & tropical & go into my skin so smoothly. The lotions are also gentle enough to use on my face, and I do use them on my face when it seems extra dry.  The body butter is great for my dry cracked flip flop feet in the Summer. I kept some of the Jollybod products I ordered all to myself, but also gave some for teacher gifts at the end of the school year. I plan to stock up again in the Fall for Christmas gifts.

JollyBod Family Travels to Thailand

After a few days in Beijing and checking out the Great Wall we took a connecting flight through Kunming, China and made our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  We were welcomed by some much needed clean air and the authenticity of a great little hotel (#BanThaiVillage) with its quaint and lush grounds and an amazing “welcome” drink.  The drink was a delicious red fruit drink but the language barrier left us wondering exactly what it was – sometime things are better left a mystery I guess – it was yummy though!  Over the next couple days we traveled by Tuk-Tuk around Chiang Mai to various markets and to see some of the city’s many Buddhist Temples which seemed to appear on every nearly street.  The Temples varied in age and size – some modern and some ancient.  One major highlight for us was visiting Elephant Nature Park where rescued elephants and other animals are cared for in the mountainous area north of Chiang Mai.  The elephants there were either harmed in public entertainment shows, logging operations or in the wild where they eventually found their way to #ElephantNaturePark.  That’s all for now… next we’re off to Cambodia.  Get out there and Go Happy with #JollyBod.

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AMAZING lip balm by Chelsea

I received the blackberry lip balm as a gift from my boss. Not only does it smell and taste wonderful, but it healed my chapped/scabbed over lips by the next day! I had a spot of my lip and it would not heal. It formed a hard scab on my lip. After using this lip balm over the course of ONE day, the scab on my lip was GONE! I would highly recommend this product. Now I use this lip balm every day, my lips crave it!

My Only Lip Balm – Rob

I was lucky enough to find the Blackberry Lip Balm and I’m never going back! It feels natural and actually helps my lips heal; I’m running low and trying to scrape out the last little bit it was so good. The flavor was incredible and I can’t wait to try the others! Thanks Jollybod!

Customer Story – Marilyn

I recently took a vacation with my Mom to Clearwater Beach in Florida and used JollyBod the entire weekend. The lotion and lipbalm are amazing. I’m going home today with a tan instead of a sunburn thanks to JollyBod!!

Customer Story – Dwight

I could not wear any flip-flops or sandals without getting deep painful cracks on my heels. Now I simply rub the coconut lime body butter on my heels and the cracks disappear. It’s fantastic. It gets absorbed right away, but keeps on working. The coconut lime smells just like a freshly-baked key lime pie—that you rub on your feet.

Customer Story – Tammy

I love, love, love the JollyBod Body Butter! I use it on my heels, elbows and hands every day. The coconut lime scent is so fresh and light. But the best testament to JollyBod happened right after I broke my foot. I got an infection after my second surgery, which left my foot swollen, painful and itchy. So I decided to try JollyBod. It was so soothing; and gentle enough to use right on the incision. I can’t say enough good things about JollyBod. I’m definitely recommending it to my friends and family!

Customer Story – Laura

I have been using the ginger lotion regularly. I was starting to get cracks on my hands at school from the dryness. Usually my hands hurt and I have a hard time getting them back to normal. The lotion works so well! I am amazed, no burning, no greasy mess, it just soaks right in. WOW! Thanks again.